Compensation Philosophy

Total Compensation

We are driven by our big dream of building the most loved restaurant brands in the wrold. We look for rare and special people who take ownership and accountability for delivering our vision - hard-working and fundamentally good people at their core. We want this to be the most compelling place to work for people who are excited by our dream. We also appreciate that an important element of our employee value proposition to them is compensation.

Total Compensation at RBI includes:
Base Salary
Our base salaries are both competitive and meritocratic. We aim for salaries to be near what the largest, best-paying companies in the area would offer for similar jobs.

We offer competitive health, retirement, life and disability benefits, or allowances, in each of our offices around the world to make sure our employees and their families are well taken care of, including global telemedicine and global employee assistance programs, with no copays. While our goal is not to attract employees with over-the-top benefits, we have a thoughtful and modern offering that allows our employees to choose what’s best for their families.

Cash Bonus
Our bonuses are variable - based on company and individual performance. Company performance is measured by our profitability as well as key restaurant performance indicators like comparable sales and net restaurant growth.
Individual performance is measured on a small number of priorities that our employees review with their managers and focus on throughout the year. Our target bonus percentages are set based on the level of each position and we aim to be above market. Our people earn more than they could elsewhere when we deliver good results.

Bonus Swap Program
In addition, employees at the director level and above are eligible to reinvest up to half of their after-tax cash bonus in RBI shares - in exchange, the company grants the employee additional matching RSUs at an ~3x multiple of what the employee invests. Part of our ownership culture, this program is a big driver in one of our six values - you value things more when you own them.